The Château de la Cormerais is a former manor of the Middle Ages. This fortified 15th century mansion is surrounded by moats and protected by a drawbridge. It also has a private chapel.

The earliest known writings to mention the manor concern the succession of Lord Jean de Mauges in 1420. The estate was later sold to Guillaume de Mauges and to the Mesneuf families, Le Gouvello, allied with De La Motte-Fouquet.

It was offered in 1489 to Julien de L’Isle, by the Duchess Anne de Bretagne in reward for good and “pleasant” services rendered …

In 1782, Count Paul Le Gouvello de la Cormerais, new owner of the estate, married Marie-Suzanne de la Motte-Fouquet. In 1794 he became an officer in the Vendée army, under the command of Bonchamps.

The family of Thierry Besnard acquired the estate in 1856, Thierry Besnard settled there as a winemaker in 1993, with 7 ha of vines.

It exploited mainly Muscadet Sèvre and Maine, but also Gros-Plant, Gamay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc grape varieties.

In 2014, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Grolleau Noir and Merlot came to enrich the range and the domain today cultivates 38 ha.